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Gas Adsorption
Surface Area, Pore Size, Vapour Adsorption, High Adsorption
TPR, TPO, TPD, Metal Dispersion, High Pressure Chemisorption
Particle Size
Laser Diffraction, Nano Size, 3D Image Analysis, Slurries
Particle Shape
Aspect Ratio, Circularity, Roundness, Ellipse Ratio, Elongation
Interface Sciences
Contact Angle, Surface Tension, Friction, Adhesion, Lemalla

A product range with a primary focus on servicing research institutes and universities. Crea Laboratory Technologies offer specialised research instruments through to pilot plant setup for engineering research and educational training. Our technical staff have sound knowledge in the areas of gas adsorption and chemisorption to help provide the right solution for your organisation.

The field of fine particle characterisation is becoming more important in a range of different application. Crea Laboratory Technologies has the knowledge and experience to help our customers with all there fine particle characterisation needs. It also help that we are support by companies who have specialises in there field of instrumentation.

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High Throughput Chemisorption

CREA is excited to announce the arrival of the new BEL-CAT-B3. The BEL-CAT-B3 Chemisorption analysis can run three samples at simultaneously, greatly increasing sample throughput. To investigate physical and chemical property of catalyst surface is essential in catalytic research. For metal supported catalyst, metal dispersion rate, metal surface area and metal particle size decide the cost and performance of the catalyst. For solid acid catalysts, the number of acid sites and acid strength determine the catalysis performance.

Various method are used to examine such catalysts and here are the representative examples;

  • TPD measurement
  • TPO/TPReduction, TPReaction measurement
  • Pulse chemisorption measurement

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Innovative way to measure zeta potential

As a lab professional, it seems like there is never enough hours in the day! If a big part of your work entails Particle Charge Titration analysis, how would you like to reduce the time it takes to run a typical titration from 90 minutes to 5 minutes?

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization, is proud to debut the Stabino, an innovative Particle Charge Titration Analyzer. The Stabino brings a host of advances to the field of Zeta Potential Analysis, and is quickly gaining a reputation as an industry standard.

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