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Article 04

Surface Area and Porosity Analysis

The BELSORP-max is a high-end volumetric gas adsorption instrument. The BELSORP-max can measure up to 3 samples simultaneously offer high throughput at the same time as high-resolution analysis.

Article 05

Gas Adsorption Analyser

BEL offers a range of instruments to measure surface and pore size distribution by gas adsorption.The BEL range of instruments offer the flexibility of a high-resolution research tool at the same time a system capable of high throughput.

Article 08

Surface Area of Dry Ingredients

This laboratory unit can measure 3 sample simultaneously and is capable of measuring sample with surface areas as low as 0.01m2/g. Equipped with the powerful and easy to use BEL master software makes the BELSORP mini II ideal for both research and QC applications.

Article 26

Test Sieves

Crea is offering CISA test sieves as part of their particle characterisation range. CISA not only offers test sieves but also sieve shakers, wire cloth and filters. CISA test sieves are built to high quality standards and conform to ISO3310.1, ASTM E-11, ISO3310.2, AFNOR NF x11-504, ISO9044 and BS 410 regulations.

Article 29

High pressure adsorption measurement

The importance of high pressure adsorption measurement is growing in various industries, hydrogen or methane storage, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), CO2 absorption into hypolymer and more. But the instruments for measuring high pressure gas sorption are large-size, expensive and hard to use.

Article 30

Turbidimeter or Particle Counter

Turbidity is measured by analysing the number of particles in the liquid. Two analysing instruments can be used to measure the turbidity of a liquid: an Automatic Particle Counter (APC) or a turbidimeter or nephelometre. Both of these instruments are able to measure the concentration of solid particulate matter in a liquid and they both are optical analysing instruments, but they differ largely in their technical capacity.

Article 32

Analysis of small particle sizes via optical Light Scattering Technology

For the analysis of submicron particles, PAMAS has developed the Scattered Light Sensor Pamas SLS-25/25. Contrary to sensors working in light extinction technology, this sensor is able to detect particle sizes down to 0.5 microns. Due to this high sensitivity, the PAMAS SLS-25/25 is used for laboratory analysis of submicron particles in ultraclean liquids and in hydraulic or lubricating oil, as well as for filter test rigs

Article 35

The POROLUX™ “true” First Bubble Point detection mode

The POROLUX™ 1000 is a research grade capillary flow porometer with very pressure and flow control and accuracy. In the POROLUX™ 1000 a porous sample is inserted, wetted with a so-called wetting liquid. The sample is usually a flat round disk, three different diameters are standard: 13, 25 and 47 mm. Custom made sample holders are optional. The wetting liquid is a liquid which fills up all pores of the sample.