The chemisorption analyzer

TPD/TPR/TPO, Pulse chemisorption

Easy operation, quick measurement

High-throughput measurement

To investigate physical and chemical property of catalyst surface is essential in catalytic research. For metal supported catalyst, metal dispersion rate, metal surface area and metal particle size decide the cost and performance of the catalyst. For solid acid catalysts, the number of acid sites and acid strength determine the catalysis performance.

Various method are used to examine such catalysts and here are the representative examples;

  • TPD measurement
  • TPO/TPReduction, TPReaction measurement
  • Pulse chemisorption measurement

BELCAT-B3 is designed to provide all these methods can be performed with just one unit. Three samples can be measured simultaneously for high-throughput measurement. The BELCAT-B3 will provide useful data to all the researchers who are involved in the surface chemistry.


  • Automatic measurement
    Pretreatment and measurement can be performed automatically. The possibility of human error can be reduced and provides stable results.
  • Three sample ports for high throughput measurement
    Each port has a electric furnace and its temperature can be controlled independently.
  • Quick cooling fan remarkably reduces the measuring time
    Each port has forced cooling fans for each measurement port and shorten the measuring time.
  • Pulse titration at low temperature (OPTION)
    In case of ceria-based metal catalysts, the pulse titration measurement is often performed at low temperature, to avoid adsorptive gas such as CO from being adsorbed into the support bulk. By using the optional refrigerated/heating circulator bath, it is possible to perform pulse titration measurement from -20 ˚C.


Measurement principle Dynamic flow method
Detector Thermal Conductivity Detector (W-Re filament)
Measurement/Pretreatment port 3
Gas port
Carrier gas
Adsorption / Pulse
1 (OP : 2)
4 (Corrosion resistant : 1)
1 (OP : 2)
Gas flow control 2×MFC
(Carrier and Pretreatment/Pulse)
Electric furnace
Ramp rate[50-500˚C]
Quick cooling
RT-800˚C (OP.1100 ˚C )
Physical W600×D700×H720

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